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UCC and Due Diligence

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  • Lien Searches

  • State and Federal Litigation Searches

  • Patriot Act & Sanctions List Searches

  • Real Property Filings

  • Large Commercial Transaction Projects

  • Flood Search Determination

Case Analysis

UCC Filing Services

File Today!

Telos Legal Corp. offers UCC Financing Statement filing services at the state and county level.  Our staff can assist in electronic filing of these statements where e-filing is available and most can be done on a same day basis.  Where e-filing may not be applicable, we maintain a nationwide network of couriers that can hand deliver your filing to the appropriate jurisdiction.  We take your security interest filings seriously and do not utilize mailing services.  If there is a reason your document cannot be recorded, we notify you as soon as we receive the rejection comments from the recording clerk.  You don't have to wait weeks to find out if your filing has been accepted.  We realize priority is of utmost importance in securing lender's collateral.

E-Recording for UCC & Real Estate Documents

Majority of the states now offer electronic filing capabilities and we offer such services to our clients for expedient processing and receipt of filing acknowledgment.  Some states may still have limitations for electronic filings and we will provide you this information prior to filing so that you can choose whether over-the-counter or electronic filing best suit your business needs.

We are excited to announce that electronic filing capabilities are now available for many counties for UCCs and many real estate-related filings.    Most recording times range from 5 minutes to 24 hours during normal business hours; more populous counties may have extended turnaround times.  Our filing software helps to determine whether your document meets county requirements and tracks the status of the submitted filing until approval.  Contact one of our representatives to find out how we can help you get your documents filed.

UCC Filing Forms

Click to Download

UCC-1 Filing Form

National Standard form from IACA 

UCC-1 Addl Party

National Standard form from IACA 

UCC-1 Addendum

National Standard form from IACA

UCC-3 Filing Form

National Standard form from IACA

UCC-3 Addendum

National Standard form from IACA

UCC-3 Addl Party

National Standard form from IACA

UCC-5 Info. Statement

National Standard form from IACA

Due Diligence Services

Need to "know your customer" before writing an opinion or closing a loan?  We are here to help!  Here at Telos, we pride ourselves with understanding the effects of uncovering liens and encumbrances on a borrower.  We provide nationwide search services at the county, state, and federal level so you don't have to place multiple orders with various researchers.  Our reports clearly indicate number and types of findings in any given jurisdiction.  Our web-based processing system even provides a full summary chart of results for your search targets in their corresponding jurisdictions for a quick overview.

What We Cover

We can search for all available liens indexed at the Secretary of State of formation or residence.  Local level searches include UCC Fixtures, Federal Tax Liens, State Tax Liens, Judgments, Lis Pendens, Mechanic's Liens, Bulk Sale Transfers, ERISA/EPA Liens and Pending Suits at municipal or state courts.  At the federal level, we offer Litigation and Bankruptcy searches direct from the federal government-owned site, Pacer.  Additional searches may include Patriot Act Search which we conduct in-house directly with the OFAC Sanctions List.

Turnaround Times

As a nationwide search company, we turn around search results quickly.  While other service companies can take weeks to finish a search project, we tout one of the fastest turnaround times in this industry.  Once a search request has been assigned to a representative, the research begins right away.  Our staff has received industry training and understanding of running the searches in-house when possible.  Which in turn helps you save on costs and speeds up turnaround times as it passes through less hands.

State and federal level searches can be completed in 24 hours, where applicable and local level searches are generally completed in 2-3 business days.  If delays are anticipated for reasons beyond our control, we will notify you right away so you can plan accordingly.

Not sure where to base your search?  Contact our office and a representative can help determine where to start.

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